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Service idea:
We insistence take the market as the guidance,take the customer as the center, has established face the market and the customer market marketing and the customer service platform, continues unceasingly the improvement and the consummation customer service measure. Provides the convenience for the customer, promptly, the high quality service.
High quality network:
Take Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing as the legs of a tripod,Forms radiates the nation each big, the middle city high-quality service and the marketing network.
Customer transmission demand:
Transaction platform, email, telephone, facsimile, network communication facilities,This company website fixed purchase system.
Reply demand:
Carries on the multichannel reply, satisfies the customer request.
Customer transmission order form:
The transaction platform, the email address, the facsimile, the network communication facilities, this company order the system.
Signing returns:
Needs the channel reply according to the customer.
Producing goods:
Local a working day delivers goods arrives the customer. Overseas uses the global quickest express delivery company, the usual 2-3 day may arrive.
Customer checkup:
Quantity checkup, quality testing.
Post-sale service:
In the period of service, the customer to the product quality, the development, the technical support and so on obtains this company to guarantee with the assistance.
About Us
Main Brands
  • Linear
  • ON
  • International Rectifier
  • Microchip
  • NXP
  • Altera
  • samsung